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Hi, my name is Kevin Villaruz. An Abu Dhabi-based interdisciplinary multimedia designer. My work bestrides the fields of Photography, Videography, Graphic & Web Design, Social Media management with a focus on creating compelling products and experiences that live at the intersection of digital and physical. Although the title design is not what is on my diploma, I learned everything by heart and I am continuously learning everyday to give what’s best for my clients. Where clients become friends and the outcome not being described as products, but masterpieces. I have worked previously with startup companies in order to kick-start their marketing and branding and social media. Once Upon A Time Events Management LLC and Smart Align Technology are one of the companies I’ve worked with. I would always love to help startup companies. But I am not only limited with them. I also worked for several established companies in Dubai such as Crompton Saltini, a luxury estate agency and TransMid Engineering based in Abu Dhabi, also I did a graphic design job for Abu Dhabi Customs. And those are some of my corporate clients to mention. Taking photos and videos is something that I couldn’t resist! I love taking portraits, shoot weddings, and help companies with their products as well. You might be thinking, “This guy’s service offerings are too much.. I wonder if he can be expertise with all of these things?” If that’s the case, I understand. Majority of the people believe that we can only be expert and focus in just one field. But I am averse to that belief. Elon Musk once said that “Most people can learn a lot more than they think they can.” Talk to you soon. -Kevin Villaruz


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